5 Signs You Need New Tires
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5 Signs You Need New Tires

Tires are bound to wear out over time. There are some signs that you should be looking for when it’s time to get a new set. Tires that have need to be replaced pose a serious safety hazard. You can improve your tires performance by knowing these signs.

1. Shallow Tread Depths

Shallow, worn-down tread depths are one telltale sign that your tires need to be changed. Tire treads should never get below 1/16 of an inch in depth, and letting them fall below that threshold can wreak havoc when you’re on wet, slippery roads.

To determine if your tires are too shallow, place a coin in your tread. If you can see the top of his head, replace your tires immediately.

2. Tread wear indicator bars

Some new tires come with tread wear indicator bars embedded in them. These are invisible when the tires are new, but as the treads wear down, bars running perpendicular to the tread start to appear. If you notice more than one or two on your tires, your tread depths are too low and you should replace your tires.

3. Cracks on the sidewall of the tire

Another sign that your tires need to be changed are cracks or crevasses in the sidewall. Any cuts or gouges in the sidewall could be symptomatic of an air leak or possible blowout, so stop by a dealership to get new tires.

4. Bulging Tires

Any bulges on the side of your tires are a sign of weak, worn-out rubber. These spots can blow out suddenly, which can lead to catastrophic consequences if you’re driving. If you notice any of these irregularities, your old tires need to be changed.

5. Car is vibrating too much

It’s normal to experience some vibrating while operating a car, especially on rough surfaces, but too much vibrating could be a sign of weak treads, unbalanced tires, or issues with your suspension. Your tires could be a culprit, but since dozens of other issues could be at play, make sure that you schedule a service appointment with a mechanic you trust as soon as you can.

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